7 Mistakes to Avoid When Applying For a Marriage Based Green Card

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Obtaining a Green Card after your marriage to a US citizen or citizen of any other country can be a complex process, full of difficult steps and procedures.  The result can definitely be a happy experience but only if you do not make common mistakes during your application process.  The mistakes can delay the process and make it more stressful.

The following are the 7 most common mistakes that one must avoid when applying for a marriage based Green card:

  1. Failing to file all necessary forms and documents at the correct location

Make sure you do not make this common mistake and take care of the entire paperwork before approaching the official location of filing.  If you are unsure about which documents to file, then you can contact or hire an immigration lawyer who specializes in marriage based immigration.

  1. Waiting to apply so as to enjoy benefits

One must apply for a Green card as soon as they get married rather than waiting to enjoy the benefits later on. The longer you wait the more delay you will have to experience to get your citizenship or Green card.

  1. Not anticipating how long the process will take

Another common mistake which a lot of people make and must be avoided is not to anticipate how long the process of applying and getting the citizenship will take.  It is wise to apply as soon as possible rather than delaying thinking that the process takes not time.

  1. Not being honest and thorough in your application

One of the most important rules to follow when filling a marriage based Green Card application is to be 100% honest and thorough in your application.  If the immigration catches a lie, it may cancel your application.

  1. Not presenting supporting documents with application

You must always gather enough proof documents to support your application such as proof of marriage, joint bank accounts; bills etc. not presenting these can be a big hole in the application and may result in the turning down of the application.

  1. Missing your appointments

When the immigration schedules you for an appointment, it is very important not to miss it and be present on time. If you fail to attend the appointment, then chances are that the process will be delayed and even denied.

  1. Not preparing for your interview

Preparing for the immigration interview is also extremely important because the interview is an important process. If you are unsure what to prepare, then you can take help of an immigration attorney who will help you with a few basic questions and will be useful to prepare on your confidence, manner of answering etc.

If you are someone who is planning on getting a Green card and want to avoid making these mistakes then you too must consider hiring an attorney. To do so in Arlington VA or Northern Virginia, you can visit Mark Law Immigrant and get yourself an experienced and professional immigration attorney now!

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https://www.lawsuitlegal.com 09/19/2015 12:24

Thanks for such great idea guys; I hope you will post more content I’ll regular visit this site.

www.weltmanbernstein.com/ 08/26/2015 08:20

My application was rejected several times and I was unaware of the mistakes that are constantly occurring in my case. I had to approach an immigration attorney to understand my mishaps thereby making my application for green card accepted. As suggested in the article everything must be taken care of under supervision of an attorney which would make it easy and reliable for proper acceptance of green card.

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